Content Strategist & Marketing Professional
Fueled by Curiosity and Empathy


Driven by working with kind, driven and passionate people to do some serious good. 

I treat my work seriously while not taking myself too seriously. 

I explore the intersection communication, engagement, and data to understand people and engage with them in a genuine and informed way.

100% Organic and Jargon-Free.


Here is what I bring to every organization and project: 

  • Empathy, initiative and a grounded work ethic -- I roll up my sleeves alongside the team when duty calls.

  • Creativity and strategy informed by getting the critical things done right so growth can scale into something truly exceptional.

  • An unyielding commitment to meaningful results while cultivating a culture of growth and continual development.

  • I shoot straight and don't fold when things get tough, but you can bet I will articulate my suggestions and opinions in a clear and constructive way.

Some Hai-lites (it's corny, I know, and I just want you to know upfront that this comes standard with this package):


Specialties include: Copywriting, Communications, and Content Marketing



Content Marketing / Brand Publishing

Content Marketing / Brand Publishing




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As one of the largest single-day startup events in North America, TechDay's community page started as a hub for emerging entrepreneurs to share meaningful stories. Now hosting events worldwide, TechDay's content provides actionable insights for mid to late stage startups in addition to covering best practices.



UCI Applied Innovation

UCI Applied Innovation brings campus-based discoveries together with Orange County’s vibrant business community to support job creation and economic growth. The Cove, a 40,000+ sq. ft. collaborative work and event space is also home to the Cove Currents newsletter that I publish content for.



Creative Squeeze

A startup creative agency I started with two friends from college. Within three years time, and completely bootstrapped, we scaled the business to support a full-time, 3-person team servicing businesses of every size. Clients included health-care providers, Michelin-star rated restaurants, startups, and more.


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Strictly Waffles

Strictly Waffles was founded in 2013. The organization's intention is to foster a community where people can learn the stories behind Vans products and widen their knowledge base.

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Freelance Portfolio

Projects have varied from web development, branding, and copywriting for businesses, non-profits, and musicians. The core of it exploring an authentic voice that resonates at a deep and meaningful level.